Benefits and Expectations

Tenured/tenure-track faculty, research faculty, professors of practice, permanent research staff, and full-time teaching faculty conducting research or teaching in the focal areas of the Center, regardless of the source of support for that work, are eligible to become Center for the Environment Scholars.

Appointment Process
Individuals will be invited to become center faculty scholars, and individuals can also directly request this designation on an ongoing basis. The affiliation of individuals as Center for the Environment Scholars will be confirmed and updated annually at the start of the fall semester.

Scholar Benefits

  • Visibility and Signal Boosting
    • Profile and expertise featured on the Center for the Environment website
  • Research Acceleration Opportunities
    • Eligible to mentor students participating in the Center for the Environment summer undergraduate research program
    • Broad advertisement of existing research opportunities to undergraduates
    • Support with application administration and selection process as well as professional development activities for the students
    • Eligible to apply for center funded undergraduate researchers
  • Funding Opportunities
    • Eligible for personnel and proposal development support for collaborative multi-school grant proposals
    • Receive communications about funding opportunities
  • Collaboration Opportunities
    • Access to regular center updates and news from across the University
    • Opportunities to learn and share through center-wide events, webinars, newsletters, workshops, peer to peer trainings, and other networking opportunities at the university
    • Access to professional staff, who help orient you to the center and connect you with fellow members or projects
    • Eligible to serve on Center committees

Scholar Expectations

  • Share relevant opportunities with colleagues and trainees
  • Actively participate in relevant programming throughout the year
  • Attend annual Center symposium
  • At least one representative from your lab or research group will present a poster or talk at the annual symposium
  • Review seed funding proposals
  • Complete the Center orientation process
  • Participate in surveys, questionnaires, and queries to evaluate center activities
  • Provide an annual update on relevant activities
  • Share your team’s press releases and accomplishments with the center
  • Acknowledge the Center for the Environment in scholarly publications enabled by Center activities and resources