Leverage the unprecedented resources of the computational age to grow the activities of researchers and students working in digital domains to accelerate discovery and address pressing societal challenges

Establish a cross-cutting platform of schools and industry partners to promote digital transformation efforts and advance studies in a range of issues, including AI and human interaction and quantitative social sciences.

To address the most pressing societal challenges, we must leverage the unprecedented resources of the computational age. Fields ranging from biomedical sciences to humanities increasingly require sophisticated digital tools to advance discovery. Likewise, training in these techniques both positions faculty to maximize their research and provides students with skills to succeed in modern economies. At present, our technological infrastructure and institutional structures do not position WashU to foster research collaborations and train our students at the level of a top-tier academic institution.

With a holistic and data-driven approach to digital transformation, WashU has the opportunity to capitalize on our strengths, while devising and scaling new areas for distinction.

WashU will create an Institute for Digital Transformation to convene and grow activities of researchers and students working in digital domains. This digital community of practice will leverage digital solutions to advance studies in a range of issues, including computational therapeutics, precision agriculture, AI and human interaction, and social sciences. Strategic relationships with industry partners will accelerate digital transformation efforts and assist in training students to succeed in a digital economy. The leadership of this institute will establish a cross-cutting platform that transcends traditional organizational boundaries and silos of excellence, including serving as a bridge between the Danforth and Medical campuses. Through greater collaboration and resource investment, we will strengthen our potential for major and sustained impact for years to come.


Digital Transformation Coffee Hours

Every Thursday 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Louderman Hall, Suite 549
Danforth Campus

Past events

Here and Next: Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation to Lead the Future of Research and Innovation

October 4, 2022

Watch full remarks, panel discussion and audience Q&A recorded at the live event in EPNEC Auditorium on the School of Medicine campus.

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