The Center for the Environment works in partnership with other organizations in pursuit of shared missions and goals.  The following WashU organizations form the Center’s Council of Partners.

Center for Aerosol Science and Engineering

The Center for Aerosol Science and Engineering is focused on the advancement of knowledge and technology through aerosol techniques in energy, environment, materials and health. The center is composed of a collaborative group of faculty, students and affiliates within the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering and across Washington University, as well as with partners at universities and corporations worldwide.

Center for Water Innovation

The Center for Water Innovation supports fundamental and applied research to develop advanced technologies and strategies for improving the efficiency of water and wastewater treatment as well as recovering valuable resources from wastewater. The center provides a platform for industry-university dialogue and facilitates interactions among potential collaborators towards joint research efforts.

Living Earth Collaborative

The Living Earth Collaborative is a center for biodiversity built from a partnership among three leading institutions in the study of plant and animal science — Washington University, the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Saint Louis Zoo. The collaborative is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of biodiversity and to ensuring the future of earth’s species in their many forms.

Midwest Climate Collaborative

The Midwest Climate Collaborative is a cross-sector collaboration connecting organizations in 12 states to respond collectively to the climate crisis. Launched in 2022 and hosted at Washington University, the MCC works across sectors to accelerate climate action, knowledge generation and leader development to support its vision of a carbon neutral, climate resilient, interconnected Midwest region.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability leads Washington University’s efforts to transform its campuses into a living learning laboratory that connects teaching and research directly to sustainable campus operations. The Office of Sustainability facilitates, convenes and partners with university leaders and community partners to work toward a more sustainable campus and world.

Tyson Research Center

Tyson Research Center is the environmental field station for Washington University. Located just 20 miles from the Danforth Campus on 2,000 acres at the edge of the Ozark Highlands, Tyson provides opportunities for environmental research and education for students and faculty from Washington University and beyond. The center facilitates multi-scale research and teaching opportunities and collaboration across disciplines, institutions, and levels of academic training.