For the good of every neighbor

We are WashU in St. Louis, for St. Louis, and with St. Louis — in our research, education, patient care, and operations. The interventions we develop at home we will apply at scale across the globe, and our global work will inform practices in our region and in our nation. 

Our community presence must stand on deep engagement and earned trust. There is a momentum to our region along with ongoing challenges. St. Louis brims with creativity and innovation; at the same time our city carries deeply rooted racial inequities. WashU’s history is not uncomplicated: We have done much to advance prospects for our region, and we have also fallen short of our highest ideals. The success of our region is essential to our long-term strength as a university, and we have a leading role to play in the future of our city and state. This role requires that we reflect well the voices of our community. Our employees, students, and local alumni are also members of the region and what we do on our campus, from our operations to efforts to support greater equity, has a meaningful impact on our neighbors in the region. 

Our local efforts are not at the expense of our global work. Initiatives we advance abroad can enhance our partnerships at home. The work we do in places like Puno, Peru, or Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, inform interventions in St. Louis, and we can scale these solutions across the globe. Our profile as a global university better positions us to serve local communities, and our international reputation will grow by what we accomplish as WashU in, for, and with St. Louis. 

Core commitments

Contribute to a more vibrant region with a focus on St. Louis’ racial inequities, economic mobility, and educational opportunity

Promote global exchange in research, teaching, and learning

Advance community-based research, education, and practice, with St. Louis outcomes at the forefront

Forge genuine partnerships in our region aligned with mission-critical activities 

Upcoming events

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Video Content

St. Louis: Forging Genuine Partnerships 

October 13, 2022

The aim of this webinar is to give attendees an in-depth view of how WashU’s research, education, and practice can contribute to the region. Our work in this area will focus on St. Louis’ racial inequalities, improving health outcomes, economic mobility, and educational opportunity. The goal is to promote collaborative exchange and advance community-based research, education, and practice with St. Louis outcomes at the forefront 

2023 William H. Danforth Confluence Award Top 10 Finalists Research Summary.

April 28, 2023

A summary of the community-engaged research led by WashU faculty, community partners, and university collaborators. Each research project is explained in this video in three minutes, using one slide.

2023 William H. Danforth Confluence Awards: Winner Presentation

April 28, 2023

Matthew Krueter, along with his collaborators and community partners, shares a presentation ‘Community Partnerships to Address COVID Disparities in St. Louis’. This community-engaged research was selected as the 2023 William H. Danforth St. Louis Confluence Award winner.

2023 William H. Danforth Confluence Awards: Winner Presentation

April 28, 2023

The Top 10 Finalists are announced and recognized as part of the inaugural William H. Danforth St. Louis Confluence Award Ceremony.