Over 300 faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni and members of the local community dedicated significant time and energy to envisioning the future of the university. Now it’s time to turn the vision into action.

These committees and working groups include the Strategic Planning Team—the people that got us to this point; as well as the Implementation Planning Team—the ones who will move us forward.

Committee membership

The committees and working groups are comprised of WashU and local community members from a variety of backgrounds, roles, and areas of expertise, including:

  • WashU Faculty
  • WashU Staff
  • WashU Graduate Students
  • WashU Undergraduate Students
  • Local Community Members
  • Alumni
  • Trustees

Together, these diverse perspectives will allow us to continue building on our already strong foundation to reach new heights.

As issues arise in the discovery process, we expect that some working groups may continue to add new members to help better inform their recommendations.