Undertake a global strategy that prioritizes deep, meaningful engagement with select regions around the globe to better concentrate our efforts and create greater impact

Leverage existing strengths, such as the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, to create new student experiences and enhance graduate student recruitment

Enhance research seed funding to broaden international partnerships and increase the impact of our scholarly activity

WashU is a global university. Our community is composed of people from around the world, and the impact of our work is felt far beyond our walls. In recent decades, WashU has sought to expand its global presence and has developed an array of global partners. Such partnerships are not without risk, particularly in an increasingly shifting geopolitical climate. WashU must therefore undertake a global strategy that develops sustainable partnerships to further enhance our global profile.

Over the next decade, we will prioritize deep, meaningful engagement in strategically chosen regions around the globe. A targeted, regional focus on matters of global importance will allow us to concentrate our efforts more effectively and create greater impact. This cohesive international strategy will advance our capabilities in three key areas: research, recruitment, and educational experiences. Our research will be more interdisciplinary and impactful, both at home and abroad; our recruitment efforts in each region will help increase the diversity of our student applicant pool; our students will benefit from more opportunities for educational experiences across the globe. 

To advance this approach, we will carefully assess opportunities and develop partnerships in regions that complement our major strategic priorities as a university.  

Our current regional networks, such as those in Africa, offer mutually beneficial opportunities to pursue. Existing strengths, such as the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, position us to create new student experiences and enhance graduate student recruitment. Enhanced seed funding for faculty research projects in partner regions are crucial to this strategy. Through structured international partnerships, we can promote a spirit of meaningful exchange, expand the scope of our impact, and increase the global profile of WashU.