Pursuing a Life of Purpose and Impact


The world needs leaders who can take action and inspire others to create a brighter future for all. Our students have the potential to step up to this challenge. Preparing our students to pursue a life of purpose and impact will not only benefit their own career and wellbeing, but will also have a positive impact on society. Toward this end, the vision of Washington University is to be a place that equips students to grow as principled, purpose-driven leaders. We refer to this as WashU Leads. 

The WashU Leads Experience

WashU Leads begins by helping students gain deeper self-knowledge. As part of the course work and co-curricular activities, students will explore their own values, as well as appreciate others who hold different values, and will be exposed to opportunities to cultivate a firm sense of purpose. Guided by this compass, our students will be equipped to make meaningful choices in life and career. In addition, students will be encouraged to consider their identity as a leader, and develop the confidence and ability to have positive impact in any aspect of life. We believe that everyone has the capacity to do this in a way that uniquely fits them. The program is intended to touch all students at a foundational level, while affording opportunities for students to engage more deeply when they are ready, in an area of interest. This will be integrated in the curriculum and into student life.

For more information, contact: Program Manager Mayo Amos