For research, scholarship, and creative practice that set a global standard

We will advance our excellence in research, scholarship, and creative practice, affirming our existing areas of outstanding strength while displaying the agility to lead in emerging fields. 

Inquiry is at the heart of our mission, and the freedom of inquiry supports exploration and discovery. WashU boasts faculty of achievement and renown. From classics to genomics, from basic to translational research, from St. Louis to Uganda, our scholarly work takes a variety of forms, and we are united in our pursuit of excellence. To accelerate this pursuit requires us to dramatically expand our research capacity and to create avenues for all faculty to advance their scholarly goals. We also will work to systematically elevate those fields poised for academic distinction. Our faculty are eager to collaborate across disciplines, departments, and schools to achieve the beneficial outcomes of interdisciplinary research, and our incentives and policies will evolve to realize our potential. All parts of the university have a role to play in this endeavor: History and biomedical engineering, finance and law, architecture and sociology, neurology and social work. Our schools, too, have priorities within their domain of expertise, and they will continue to play a driving role in advancing critical work. 

There are pressing social issues and existential threats facing humanity, and we are uniquely positioned to solve these challenges. Our work is also not only of this moment but of the past and future too: Fundamental discovery and the pursuit of knowledge are core to who we are. Together, we will enhance collaboration and move the discovery taking place within our walls out into the St. Louis community and around the globe. 

Core commitments

Position faculty to achieve excellence in research, scholarship, and creative practice

Promote infrastructure, incentives, administrative structures, and policies to advance top-tier research, scholarship, and creative practice

Foster collaboration between units, schools, and campuses

Provide resources for both technology transfer and entrepreneurship