Here and Next aims to create solutions to the deepest societal challenges and the expertise of our community fuels our cumulative progress. We hold ourselves accountable to our community and to this ambitious plan through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), to define near-term goals, manage interdependent initiatives and track progress towards long-term change.

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Jacobs & Multimodal Vision Research Lab: Computer Vision for Ecology

Research Focus: The field of computer vision has dramatically changed in the past ten years, making it possible to automatically extract detailed information from vast sets of images. While challenges remain, this presents an opportunity to improve our understanding of earth processes and their impact on plants and animals. The Multimodal Vision Research Laboratory (MVRL) […]

Liu Lab: Food Globalization in the Bronze Age

Research Focus: There has been considerable development in understanding food globalization in the Bronze Age when dispersals of crops and domesticated animals linked people from far-flung locations in a series of connections that spanned the Eurasian landmass 7000-3000 years ago. Liu’s lab is one of the leading groups globally contributing to this recent momentum. We […]

Naseh Lab: Climate Change and Forced Migration

It is estimated that by the end of 2023, approximately one in every 28 individuals worldwide will reside outside their native country, and over one in 69 people will have experienced forced displacement. These staggering numbers continue to surge annually due to the compounding factors of climate change, ongoing wars and conflicts, and economic crises. […]

Mallott Lab: Exposure to Pollutants and Pathogens and Impact on Health

Research Focus: Our research group examines how exposure to pollutants and pathogens in the environment influence the gut microbiome, subsequently impacting health. Our work is part of the REACH Study ( in collaboration with Theresa Gildner in Anthropology and Claire Masteller in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. The REACH Study investigates the environmental and biological […]

Bose Lab: Microbes and the Environment

Lab Manager: Tahina Onina Ranaivoarisoa Research Focus: Our lab studies microbial metabolisms and their influence on biogeochemical cycling using an interdisciplinary approach. We apply the knowledge we gain to generate new ways of addressing issues such as the energy crisis, climate change, pollution, human health, sustainability and the circular economy. Each summer we create a […]

Giammar and Aquatic Chemistry Lab: Chemical Reactions in Aquatic Systems

Research Focus: The Aquatic Chemistry Laboratory is focused on chemical reactions that affect the fate and transport of heavy metals, radionuclides, and other inorganic constituents in natural and engineering aquatic systems. Major research themes in the group are (1) drinking water treatment and supply, (2) environmental geochemistry of soil and groundwater, and (3) the environmental […]

Parker Lab: Chemical and Biological Contaminants in Environmental Systems

Research Focus: Our research group is focused on (1) understanding the behavior of chemical and biological contaminants in environmental systems and (2) optimizing strategies to minimize the risk posed by these contaminants to human and ecosystem health. Some of our current projects include: Skills, techniques, and methods students will use and learn: Students will primarily […]

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