Digital Transformation is a process that aims to improve an entity through combinations of information, computing, communication, and connectivity technologies. 


The goals of Digital Transformation at WashU are to

  • amplify and accelerate the activities of researchers and innovators working in prioritized digital domains
  • embed digital competencies into teaching and learning at all levels
  • inform the architecture and operations of data and computing infrastructure needed to position the university as a ”living laboratory” for digital transformation

Implementation Priorities

Increase awareness of and engagement around Digital Transformation to establish foundations for launching the Digital Intelligence & Innovation (DI2) Accelerator – the permanent home for Digital Transformation at WashU – to convene and grow the activities of researchers and students working in digital domains. 

  • Organize and support a digital community of practice focusing on digital-first solutions that can advance research and innovation targeting a range of issues.
    • Trustworthy AI and Human-Computer Interaction  
    • Computational and Quantitative Social Sciences  
    • Population Health and Geospatial Reasoning  
  • Build a platform for identifying and establishing strategic relationships with industry partners that can enable or accelerate digital transformation efforts and assist in training students to succeed in a contemporary, digital economy.