For the growth of every person in our campus community

We will attract and develop top talent by embracing the full diversity of lived experiences and nurturing the aspirations of every member of our WashU community.

Education is core to our mission. We will offer a curriculum of the highest excellence for diverse, talented students across undergraduate, graduate, medical, and professional education. We will build on a proud history of excellence in undergraduate education. The rate of change in the world is accelerating, and our student body is changing too. We will evolve our curriculum so that all of our talented students, regardless of background, can meet the challenges of a future yet unknown. Graduate, medical, and professional education represent three distinct areas. The Brown School, Olin Business School, School of Law, and School of Medicine boast top programs, and we will continue to grow their renown. We have opportunities to make major strides in doctoral education by making marked advances in our curriculum, recruitment, student experience, and global presence. Our focus on graduate, medical, and professional education will strengthen our research, scholarship, and creative practice.

We aspire to make WashU the ideal place for students, faculty, and staff to pursue their goals. The development and support of our faculty and staff are of paramount importance to the future of the university. Faculty drive our mission, and, without our staff, WashU simply could not fulfill that mission. With a lifecycle perspective, we will advance personal and professional growth, leadership, access, campus well-being, and equity. Students, faculty, and staff represent different populations and require supports tailored to their unique needs. Still, with an integrated approach, we have an opportunity to reinforce our aspirations across our community and create a distinctive WashU identity in these areas.

Core commitments

Pursue curricular, programmatic, and research excellence by embodying our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion

Lead in student access and advance student success

Promote health and well-being initiatives to address the multiple facets of wellness

Develop values-based programming for students, faculty, and staff

Provide opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial activities in educational programs and research

Enhance supports for international students