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Assembly Series:
October 24, 2024

Dr. Sian Proctor, Geoscientist, explorer, space artist, and astronaut; mission pilot for the Inspiration4 all-civilian orbital mission to space. 

This is our moment.
This is our vision.

We have the potential, and the obligation, to drive even greater impact in our research, education and patient care– for our region, our nation, and our world.  

Here and Next, 2022–23 

We offer this book as a snapshot of our present and a glimpse into our future. In these pages, you will find people who represent that future. Individuals like these embody the collaborative spirit of our plan. The ideas you see in this book are the kinds of ideas that we’re seeking to spark through our strategic vision. Our community has brought us here, to this moment. And our community will take us to what’s next.